What to Expect



Please note: Your school may mandate wardrobe requirements or restrictions applicable to the yearbook. Be advised that G&B is not responsible for appearance or attire that does not meet your school’s policies. Many schools do not allow tank tops to be worn in your yearbook photo. Please bring an additional, long sleeved shirt if you would like to be photographed in a tank top. Offensive or vulgar clothing is never allowed. Click here to review your school's yearbook requirements before your appointment.

Dress head-to-toe for all sessions, and as a rule: one outfit per 15 minutes of studio time works best.

Ladies - Wear a solid color top with sleeves (preferably long sleeves) in bright, medium, or dark colors. It’s all about accessories! Bring your favorite scarves, handbags, heels, headbands, earrings and necklaces! Don’t be afraid to mix and match accessories to create a statement. Be brave with color - we have backgrounds and settings to compliment or highlight any outfit!

Guys - Choose a solid color blazer with shirt and tie or a long-sleeved solid color shirt in medium to dark shades, with or without a tie. It’s about layering for guys, so don’t be afraid to bring pieces like bold-print T’s and a pinstripe blazer. Come with outfits that are comfortable to you. Bring it and we’ll help make it work. Don’t forget hats, shades, etc.


We leave your hair up to you. If you plan a hairstyle change, do it at least a week before your session. We have numerous mirrors for you to primp and adjust your ‘do’ with any hair product you bring.

Guys - Go easy with the hair gel if you use it. Too much gel appears ‘shiny’ in photographic light, so less is more! We recommend hair products for men that have a matte finish like pomade or styling cream.


Ladies -Using light makeup that accents the eyes, cheeks and lips is best. Wear a little more mascara than usual. A light layer of foundation helps to blend skin tone. Bring lipstick and powder for touch-ups.


Keep in mind that your hands will be in your portraits. Hands and fingernails should be clean and neatly groomed. Don't forget your class ring. It can be included in some of your poses.


Guys - It’s all about being you. If you are usually scruffy and that is how you want to be represented in your photographs, then keep it scruffy. However, come to your session with the level of facial hair that you definitely want. If you forget to shave, we cannot remove stubble or facial hair from your photo.


Our digital retouching clears minor blemishes completely. If you have shiny skin, try a light dusting of translucent powder.